Systems are sexy with Mandi G // Founder of Babyology

WHOA! What a day, totally blown away by Mandi - I knew she would be awesome but she was super awesome and set the bar! Thank you so much Mandi!

As part of our Local Innovation Network funding we will be running a series of events and activities in our custom built space “Hubb Hubb” over the next 12 months. This means monthly speaker sessions, bringing amazing entrepreneurs to our region to share their stories with our local startups and businesses, so they can learn and grow. Literally - in their lunch break! Oh most of these events and activities will be FREE for YOU! So make sure you keep tabs of what is coming up ALL the things will be posted on our facebook page

Mandi’s presentation wasn’t titled “Systems are sexy” (but she certainly made them out that way) Mandi spoke honestly and like the opening slide says “The good bad and ugly!” I want to give you a step by step replay for those who missed the event but our guest blogger on the day did an epic job of that, thanks Sam - you can read all about it HERE


My two takeaways - systems and metrics, and lets be honest this is the foundation of a great business but it doesn’t need to be a 20 page document that collects dust.

Systems (my favourite thing) when you start, especially a “startup” you aren’t really sure what you are doing and if you have a startup that is gaining some traction (great problem to have!) being busy working in the business it is hard to stop and think because this “idea you had” grew some legs and is off and running! The sooner you hit pause and reflect and put some systems and processes in place - the better. If you don’t have time for that - engage someone to do it for you! Sooner rather than later!

Metrics could be two simple things you measure everyday - ask yourself, what are two metrics you could measure everyday? This can simply help your business go in the right direction. Mandi had eyeballs on her content and revenue both, trending up and she could measure that daily, simple and easily!

OK one last thing - get help. The day I got a “cleaner” for home was the day I was #winning I love cleaning (seriously it’s one of my fave things to do) but having the house done, floors and all and coming home to that every fortnight makes me happy! You might not need a cleaner, but getting some help if you are working like crazy and doing all the things will just take the pressure of and if you like coming home to a spotless house that you didn’t have to clean even though you love cleaning, trust me it will be the best $$ you spent (AND it isn’t as expensive as you think!) Or help could be with some admin or a PA take action having these things done lets you do the big things you need to do!

Charis - Hubb Hubb Community Manager with Mandi

Charis - Hubb Hubb Community Manager with Mandi

It was so great to see some new faces and have some new people in at Hubb Hubb - thanks for coming along and for those who did our post event feedback - thanks, everyone was keen to know “What’s next for Mandi” and I know she is about to jet off for a gap year in Italy with her fam (I asked her if I could go in her suitcase!) and as she hinted she is keen to jump back into business with her hubby so we will watch this space* Cheezels in hands!

YUM! Thanks Abbey!

YUM! Thanks Abbey!

A huge shout out to team Hubb Hubb you would of seen Di in action and Charis our Community Manager - Sam for the blog and Abbey from The Boutique Box for gifting a box of “Wagga” goodies for Mandi to take home including some treats for her girls from Dough Re Mi

The event was livestreamed in the Working Spaces HQ Members Only facebook group - Membership for #WSHQ is $105 PA and we have heaps of goodies for you including this amazing content and I am hoping to do a virtual facebook mini master class next week too! email me Simone for more info on that You can hot desk at Hubb Hubb for $15 a day book online here or on facey or insta or speak to Charis for more info :D

^^ Simone #HubbHubb #LINNSW


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