How and why we asked Samantha Wills to come to Wagga Wagga

This blog post is inspired by Scott Pape

So how did Scott Pape a nobody doing community radio in 2003 get Sir Richard Branson to agree to an interview for his community radio show - He just wrote to him and asked and Sir Richard said “yes”



On August 3, 2018 at 10:50 am exact, I sent off an email to Sean at 22mgmt asking how and if we could book Samantha Wills for an event we where “HATCHING” a plan for.

Two weeks later, Samantha Wills announced the closing down of her business Samantha Wills - my heart sank coz she is closing down her business and with all that there is no way now she would consider this (thats what I told myself)

A few emails went back and fourth over the next few weeks and I just thought, they haven’t said no (yet) so I will just touch base and check in every once and a while and in October it went from wishful thinking to yes this could happen … it was all just about timing and logistics (OMG + SHIT)

The emails kept flowing and it went from “if” to “when” as in dates and a few days before Christmas it was all confirmed, yes Samantha Wills will come to Wagga, dates TBC.

On Monday the 7th of December the book + event we had been planning for June was now happening on March 28 2019 - we are locked it and ready to go BAM!


I saw Samantha talk in San Francisco in 2013 and have been obsessed ever since, it was so unreal to be in this room (I think we where in a building at Microsoft) and we had Peter Lowy fly in on his private jet and talk to us, Rebecca Campbell, Mike Cannon - Brookes a few other awesome Aussies as well as Samantha.

What I loved about Samantha is how “Aussie” she was for a chick living the good life in NYC - she sounded so Australian for someone who had been stateside for so long and she was just so humble and real.

Talking about growing up in Port Macquarie and from the kitchen table, to the Bondi Markets, to having her product in the Sex and the City film, I could of listened to her talk for days and yep I have been a fan girl ever since, love the product, brand and as a woman in business she is an inspiration!

It was this trip through Advance that we spent a lot of time having meetings and working from what became our “base” Startup House a co-working space. This was one of many we visited and this kinda planted the seed in my mind about co-working spaces, my trip to SF started with pitching at Fishburners, this is 2012 a long time ago and Fishburners was a floor in a building with a kitchen and chairs, not the awesomeness it has grown into today.

Anywho - when I opened Working Spaces HQ I sent Samantha a care parcel and to my delight she wrote me a thank you note - you know her beautiful handwriting and all - which went up on my vision board and here we are today just 6 weeks shy of her landing in Wagga Wagga WHOA

Check out the amazing piece Samantha wrote on her IG am I the only one busting to know when she will write her OWN book!!!

This is a snippet about why we worked hard to get Samantha Wills because she has an incredible story to tell, so I will leave the rest up to her, to deliver on a Thursday night at the CSU playhouse March 28, 2019.

HATCHED - the book

Apart from being a massive fan, asking and having Samantha come to Wagga is about bringing global talent to the region to share stories - which is what our book also called “HATCHED” is about. A story book of our local leaders (the entrepreneurs) and feeders (all the local biz support organisations + CSU and Council and the lawyers and accountants etc.) so we will have a book of stories and that is the book we will be launching at the event …

HATCHED - the event

We wanted to hold an event and get 200+ people in the room and showcase our local leaders and feeders and bring a world leading entrepreneur to the region so we all don’t have to spend 2 days and 2k going to Sydney or Melbourne.

It isn’t just about not spending time and money it also about being congruent - we can have and do all the things here, just like our book will demonstrate and we can use technology to reach beyond our geographical footprint.

Hatched the event will be a great night, of networking, stories and the launch of our beautiful book Hatched which will be a momento, a time stamp of who we are now and celebrating the local eco-system.

Have you got you tickets yet? GET THEM HERE Want more info on our Random Act Of Kindness ticket or anything, please let me know.

I will see you at #HATCHED #WaggaWagga #HatchedThe Book #HatchedTheEvent #HubbHubb

ps - here is the full text from the Samantha Wills Foundation IG post - By SW herself!

samanthawillsfoundation When asked where I am from, I never just say “Australia,” I always reply “a small town in Australia.” I only realized I did this after an interview I did with The Sydney Morning Herald was published which said; “Wills says she still considers herself not just Australian but a "small-town" Australian.” ⠀

I grew up in Port Macquarie. My Mum on a dairy farm in Wauchope, & my Dad in a tiny town called Leeton in the NSW Riverina area. ⠀

My Dad had a footwear agency & his territory was regional NSW, some school holidays I would go on the road with him. We would call on stores in towns from Bourke to Cobar, Warren, Narromine, Dubbo, Forbes, Gundagai, Coonabarrabran & Coonamble – just to name a few. ⠀

Visiting Dads family in Leeton always saw many a trip to Wagga Wagga. ⠀ ⠀

I know small towns. I AM small town.

Being in high school in the late 90’s the access we had to what was ‘out there’ in the big world was only viewed on school trips to see Art Express in Newcastle, or via a dodgy dial up internet connection. When I had to make my HSC electives to pave the way to ‘the rest of my life,’ Google was still a year off even being invented. All I knew is what I saw around me & what I saw was a relatively blue collar community of really hard working people. That’s what I knew.

I didn’t know that being a jewellery designer was even a career option. It would take me a few years to figure that out. ⠀

In 2019 regional towns are no longer places you have to venture from in order to build successful global start-ups, they are places entrepreneurs are, & are going TO, to immerse in community & the opportunities that are now being provided in regional areas. ⠀

That’s why I am thrilled to be returning to my Dad’s old stomping grounds to present a keynote for@hellohubbhubb at their#Hatched event, March 28th, 2019. ⠀

I will be speaking on the journey from Port Macquarie to NYC & what I have learnt in business & branding over the past 15 years, + what integral role being from a small town played in the success of the@SamanthaWIllsOfficial brand journey. ⠀

Look forward to seeing you, Wagga Wagga! - SWx ⠀

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