Why we aren't streaming HATCHED

I am the first to tell you - how much I love technology and how I use it to work for me. I will also be the first to admit that sometimes it isn’t the be all and end all. #unplug

There I said it!

We ARE NOT filming our event HATCHED because we want you to be there and this is a very special probably one and only event we put on. Getting this book together and Samantha to Wagga has been an epic journey, and we want some magic to happen in the room on the night. So we are willing to go offline to feel that. #allthefeelz

Sound to woo woo? It isn’t about woo woo it is about focus and attention, don’t worry we will be asking you to tweet, post and share the night from your lens, actually that is what we hope for but for us, we will be on stage unplugged sharing out story, the story of the book HATCHED and I will be GLUED (in a non creepy way) to Samantha when she speaks.

A business woman I have admired for a very long time, someone who tells it how it is, the good and the bad (like valium washed down with tequila bad) and as much as I think I know about her (again in a non creepy way) I want to soak up everything she has to say because I am sure she has a few nuggets to share with us on the night, especially since the announcement of the closing down of the Samantha Wills Jewellery business (see she isn’t taking calls via coconut on some island)

Last count was 116 tickets sold, the venue has a capacity of 210 and tickets sales will close Wednesday March 27, the day before - you will see and even hear all our promotions we have going on, and we will hustle to the end to fill the house so everyone who needs to be there is there and this night, this investment - this book HATCHED can have the impact we are aiming for!


HATCHED ++ Post event wrap up ... for now!

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