HATCHED ++ Post event wrap up ... for now!

WE DID IT! We launched our book HATCHED at our event of the same name with our keynote speaker Samantha Wills WOW WOW WOW I am still on a high, what a night, what a book - so many gems to borrow Jackies quote - my …

our cups are overflowing

Thank you to all that made it happen and thanks for all the love, even though I have done over 60 instagram posts in the last 24 hours It was funny because last night Gary Vee shared a deck on linkedin about how he posts 100s of pieces of content every day - he would be proud, seriously though check it out

Samantha on stage at HATCHED in Wagga Wagga

Samantha on stage at HATCHED in Wagga Wagga

Which leads me to a few things I want to share with you. I have heard many great speakers and from Steven Bradbury, Ruslan Kogan and of course Samantha Wills TWICE in San Fransisco and Wagga Wagga how CRAZY AWESOME!!

But there is one thing there speakers do and I don’t think most people realise, they share the bare bone basics of how they built their businesses (empire) even Steven - I think it is 17 years ago he won that GOLD medal and in his presso ** spoiler alert skip to the next para don’t want to give it away and if you ever get the chance, see him speak **

It’s like The Moulin Rogue - the movie is being played out … in the movie! (insert woo woo music) #headexplodes

He trained most of his life, like 8+ hours a day for years and competed in so many competitions, around the world - skating was his life, it was his job so was it luck? Maybe - did he suffer major failure along the way (he nearly died when he had a skating accident and his skates sliced a major artery in his leg) and the most important lesson of all - how he dealt with the aftermath of winning by default!

When Ruslan spoke in Wagga he told his story from a few TVs for sale on ebay - to doing a factory order in China thanks to 5 maxed out credit cards … then learning and growing his business and basically using google trends to see what people are searching for than delivering those products to market - Ruslan often says they are a data business masquerading as a e-tailer but Ruslan also know and he shared a story about this too at our event, that ideas are easy and it is all in the execution. As an entrepreneur who gives back he will often “have coffee” with aspiring entrepreneurs and listen to their ideas or problems and give out some advice. Ruslan has also learnt that 9/10 when he bumps into those people again, they actual did nothing with it - remember ideas are easy it is all in the execution.

Samantha Wills WOW I was trying really hard not to be a fangirl but I am - not just her but her jewellery and creative mind and design too! My new mum eczma baby hands couldn’t bear it, so I couldn’t wear my BB Ring (sad face) - I don’t wear much jewellery and I can’t even wear my wedding rings atm (soz that’s probably to much random info) but I do have about 10+ SW pieces, new packaging and a few boxes - I also have a SW phone case, I have a few bottles of the Yellow Glen wines and sadly I didn’t get a SW surfboard but am hunting one down! I also have a few selfies from Martin Place with her Optus campaign AND as I told her (not a stalker) I have been in Port Macquarie a few times a few days either side that she has!

I was very lucky to spend some time with Samantha, it was hard to be cool, act cool lol - it was hot and sticky in Wagga and we had coffee at Trail St before heading into St Prin, then The Style Bar but one thing I will take away from our time is how she listened, she asked so many questions, so many that she went and got me a bottle of water coz I had talked so much, she was kind and has also sent me a few txt messages that made me cry - as I said I am a fan girl and for all of you at that event I am sure you know why - a women in business who is a true inspiration that transcends the product she makes!

But for now it’s back to work and over the next few weeks we will share some more gems especially around the book and the process behind it and the recipe we have documented to go again but as for the *thank you* - theres one more to go - to Di (and your fam and friends who have adopted me) thank you X Sometimes I don’t know how we do and then sometimes its like of course we will do that BAM! So many doubles too - the envelopes the flowers … a have got a containers worth of content from this!

Rus, Joan ++ Samantha and H1 and H2 aka Di and Simone or Gary X

Rus, Joan ++ Samantha and H1 and H2 aka Di and Simone or Gary X

And if you have read this far, share the love (share this blog post) but if you really want to thank us or Samantha or anyone in the book - listen, listen to their words of wisdom and take some inspired action - because as Samantha, Steven and Ruslan and anyone else you see in the future, they are sharing all the things with you, so do something with it!

Simone X


HATCHED the book ++ event was funded under the Local Innovation Network by Jobs for NSW

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